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VarioCap is a MR-compatible normobaric air/CO2 mixer especially dedicated for hypercapnic vasoreactivity studies on humans. VarioCap produces and delivers, at demand, the precise hypercapnic mixture you need. The CO2 fraction can vary from 0 to 10% depending on needs

The hypercapnic mixture is realised using a standard air cylinder and CO2 cylinder placed outside the magnet room. The subject breathes the gas mixture through a mask directly connected to the VarioCap.

VarioCap is placed near the MRI patient bore so as to minimize the tubing length and can be connected to the remote control computer using USB port (via Optical fiber extender). Sequences of FCO2 values can be programmed and synchronized to MRI acquisition using the MRI scanner trigger signal.

Hypoxia or Hyperoxia condition can be available on request.

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