Technical characteristics

Principle in situ adjustable mixture of dry air & CO2
Display - Instant display of air flow in l/min
- CO2 fraction in %
- Test time in min/sec
Régulation type Electronic with PID
CO2 fraction from 0% up to 5,5%
Accuracy of CO2 fraction +/-0.1%
Mixture Production As needed, following the consumption
Air flow rate up to 220 l/min
Air supply Via Air cylinder(22% O2 – 78% N2)
CO2 supply Via CO2 cylinder
Gaz calibration with a calibrated gaz
Air flow Calibration with a syringue
Power supply 220 Volts
Electric consumption 15 W. Max.
PCO2 monitoring CO2 sensor
PO2 monitoring Electrochemical sensor
Electronic control By microprocessor
weight 10 Kg
Dimensions H. 55 cm, L 50 cm, D 40 cm
Breathing tube Ultra-flexible, lengths from 60 cm up to 180 cm.
Mouthpiece With one-way valve

EucapSys basic model includes:
1 central unit
1 mouthpiece with valves
1 mixed air tubing hose
2 manually-operated regulators(air, CO2)
1 tightening wrench
1 pressurized air supply line
1 pressurized CO2 supply line
1 instruction manual