The altitude simulated in your laboratory

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Scientific research in altitude (real or simulated) has developed considerably for a few years. Many tests has been done to determine the aptitude of a subject to adapt to the hypoxia and the risks incurred. They are invaluable tools of prevention. In order to facilitate the realisation of these investigations, we developed an apparatus of hypoxia normobar answering all the configurations. It is at the same time reliable, simple and economic. He does not ask a heavy infrastructure like the boxes hypobaric. He is really easy to use while being extremely precise.

AltiTrainer200® makes it possible to simulate altitudes up to 5,500m above sea level.

AltiTrainer200® makes it possible to subject the people to physical exercises in hypoxia conditions with variable ventilatory flows up to  190L/min. The user can at any moment modify the composition of the air inspired and thus simulated altitude, by means of a simple touch on the screen.

It can also simulate in a few tens of seconds of the rises or the descents of several hundreds of meters. A microprocessor integrated into the electronic controls all the functions of analyses and controls of the system and watchs to safety during the activity in hypoxia.

With a complementary unit called HyperoxOne, AltiTrainer can become a hyperoxiator by an increase in the fraction of oxygen.

IsoCap: Equipment based on the AltitTrainer’s technologies, IsoCap is able to provide isocapnic hypoxia. Contact us

Simulated altitude training


Simulated altitude training with AltiTrainer 200® can be adapted to all types of sports with training on stationary equipment, such as tread mills, exercise cycles or rowing machines. AltiTrainer 200® is a novel alternative for provoking stimuli during training capable of positive effects on performance, both in the preparation and competition stage. (See Bibliography)

AltiTrainer200® has already been used with success in laboratories, training centres and by different National alpine ski team, cyclist proteam, rowing or football team.

AltiTrainer200®: Technical specifications

Applications of AltiTrainer200®