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SMTEC has developed AltiTrainer® an innovating device for research in hypoxic, hypoxic, and hypercapnic condition. AltiTrainer® is easy to use, reliable and economical.

AltiTrainer® enables adjusting the FO2 between 10.5% and 60%, on a continuous basis.  It is also possible to adjust the FCO2 between 0.5% and 8%. AltiTrainer® enables subjecting individuals to physical exercise in conditions of hypoxia, hyperoxia, and hypercapnia with custom-adjusted breathing rates of up to 190 l/min. Subjects may also be at rest. The user can change the inspired oxygen or carbon dioxide fraction at any moment by a simple touch on the screen.The gas mixture is made automatically according to the subject’s needs,

It can also simulate in a few tens of seconds of the rises or the descents of several hundreds of meters. A microprocessor integrated into the electronic controls all the functions of analyses and controls of the system and watchs to safety during the activity in hypoxia.

With a complementary unit called HyperoxOne, AltiTrainer can become a hyperoxiator by an increase in the fraction of oxygen.

IsoCap: Equipment based on the AltitTrainer’s technologies, IsoCap is able to provide isocapnic hypoxia.

AltiTrainer® may include, on request, the unit Adaptive Acute Hypoxia (AAH) that adjusts automatically the altitude according to the Sp02 response of the subject.


AltiTrainer® is an economical device as gas mixture are made from ambient air and pure gas tank.

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AltiTrainer200® has already been used with success in laboratories and training centres, throughout the world.

AltiTrainer200®: Technical specifications

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