SMTEC is a Swiss research & development company specialized in manufacturing and marketing innovating technologies for medicine and sport. Since 1998, SMTEC has sold products and solutions in 22 countries across 5 continents. It’s business is based on three lines of products :

Devices for custom production and delivery of respirable air mixtures:
- AltiTrainer delivers hypoxic air mixtures (simulated altitude training)
- EucapSys delivers hypercapnic dry air mixtures at 5 % CO2
- VarioCap is a MR-compatible normobaric air/CO2 mixer especially dedicated for hypercapnic vasoreactivity studies on humans.

Research & development services

As innovation specialists for medicine and sport, SMTEC offers research & development services from planning to production of new products or processes.

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Consulting services

SMTEC provides highly specialized consulting services to hospitals and research centers in the fields of medicine or/and sport, based on its solid experience. We guarantee total client confidentiality.

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